Mission Statement

Day to Serve is a unique annual event that transcends politics and religious differences. It unites people of all faiths, races, cultures, and backgrounds with the shared goal of helping those in need and improving the communities where we live.


Day to Serve began in 2012 as a collaboration between the governors of MD, VA, WV and the mayor of DC. They set aside political differences and worked together to feed the hungry and heal the planet.

They invited all citizens, faith groups, businesses and community organizations to join the cause.

The results were overwhelming. Over 14,000 volunteers carried out 750 community service projects. They collected and donated more than 600,000 pounds of food and planted hundreds of trees.

Call to Action

We believe that as we work together, miracles will occur. Not only will empty cupboards be filled, but hope will be restored in many lives. 

In 2013 we want to double last year's Day to Serve efforts. We need your help. Please click here to find out how you can contribute.