West Virginia

Governor Tomblin issues Day to Serve Proclamation for 2015

Continuing many years of strong support from West Virginia, Governor Tomblin issues a new proclamation for 2015 recognizing Day to Serve. In the proclamation, Gov. Tomblin encourages West Virginians to find ways to serve each other and build up their communities this year through donations of time and talent to the many service opportunities that make up Day to Serve.

We appreciate the unwavering support of Governor Tomblin and his office, as well as the many hundreds of volunteers in West Virginia, that work each year to make Day to Serve a great opportunity for the area.

A Day to Serve Proclamation from Governor Earl Ray Tomblin for 2014

Governor Tomblin issues Day to Serve proclamation for 2016

In the face of a difficult year that has included one of the deadliest flash flood events in the nation, West Virginians continue to pull together to serve each other. This amazing spirit of service and brotherhood echoes through the service events being planned in West Virginia this year as part of Day to Serve. We appreciate Governor Tomblin and the people of West Virginia for the support of Day to Serve and we honor and admire the many acts of service there which inspire us!

Image of Day to Serve Proclamation

A Note from Gov. Tomblin

By volunteering in our communities, we have the opportunity to give back to our friends and neighbors while preserving our state's longstanding tradition of neighbor helping neighbor and community spirit. Through our collective efforts and by sharing our time and talents with others, we can strengthen our hometowns and ensure a brighter future for West Virginia." - Governor Earl Tomblin